Athletics Coach in Sports Games

This course covers the basic aspects of conceptualizing and executing specific fitness and conditioning workouts for athletes in sports games. Compelx test procedures will be discussed, as well as effective and practical diagnostic and training methods. The scientific foundation will be highlighted in order to emphasize practical training approaches.

440 Euro          390 Euro (reduced price for students and trainees)


  • Basics of sport science and training
  • tasks and functions of an Athletic Coach
  • injuries in game sports and their therapy
  • Movement Preparations
  • Endurance-, speed-, strength- and coordinationtraining
  • Plyometric and eccentric training

Time and Location

probably in fall 2019

Registration deadline: 4 weeks prior to the event     (later registration possible if there are remaining seats) 

TUM Campus Olympiapark

Prerequisites for attending


More Information

Target group:
Sport and exercise science students, PE instructors, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches and anyone interested

min. 13 participants

Course Instructor:
Dr. Lutz Herdener, Fabian Stöcker


S&H Certificate „Athletics Coach in Sports Games“