Baby and Toddler Swimming

"Baby and Toddler Swimming" is defined as movement routines for infants and children with one or two persons to whom the small child relates most closely. The water environment will aid the development of motor skills, strengthen the sense of balance, and convey new sensations. The training is composed of two days of theoretical input followed by several shadowing hours in baby and toddler swimming classes.

280 Euro          245 Euro (reduced price for students and trainees)


  • History of baby-/ toddler swimming
  • Aims of baby-/ toddler swimming
  • Positive aspects of baby-/toddler swimming
  • Contraindications
  • Development of babys and toddlers
  • Use of equipment and materials

Date and location

Sa./So., 24./25.11.2018         9am - 5pm

+ 10 UE sitting in on different groups/age groups      

Location: TUM Campus am Olympiapark

More Information

Target group:
Sport and exercise students, PE instructors, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches in health and fitness, massage therapists, pool supervisors, obstetricians

min. 15 participants

Course instructor:
Monika Nienaber (PE instructor and sport therapist)


S&H Certificate „Baby/Toddler Swimming“