Fitness Trainer A-License

This scientifically consolidated course covers functional athletics training, resistance and endurance training, sport nutrition, coaching and guidance in preventive, rehabilitative and performance-oriented fitness training. 

1199 Euro         999 Euro (reduced fee for students and trainees)

*Reduced fee if "Grundlagen der Ernährung/Sport nutrition basics" completed:
1039 Euro         820 Euro (reduced fee for students)


Module I

  • Sport medicine: characteristic disease and injury patterns; prevention and rehabilitation through exercise
  • Resistance training: Barbell Basics

Module II    

  • Endurance training: improvement in performance and systematic training design
  • functional athletics training, periodization and professional guidance in order to increase performance capacity

Module III

  • Coaching: key competences of conversation technique (systemic coaching)
  • Nutrition: Consulting in context of sport nutrition; basic and demand oriented diet, supplementation

Module IV

  • Examination (oral/practical and written examination)

Date and location

probably 2019 

TUM Campus Olympiapark

Prerequisites for attending

Certification "Fitness Trainer B-License"

More information

Target group:
Sport and helath science students, PE teachers, sport scientists, physical therapists, coaches and anyone interested

15-28 participants

Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Dr. Lutz Herdener, Dr. Fabian Stöcker, Tobias Borucker, Dr. Hande Hofmann, Christopher Mächel

S&H Certificate „Fitness Trainer A-License“